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Morning all..

I thought I might take a quick snapshot of the ever-mounting cost of fuel around the world, courtesy of the wide geographic membership of the board. In Australia we are being bombarded by our Federal Government with taxes, levies and an absurd phenomenom called 'parity pricing', not to mention a good deal of price fixing by the oil companies.

Much as I would like to say 'Jri govno i zdohni' to 'em all (if you are Russian, and understand that - sorry), I am interested to know just what a tank of fuel costs you, the gentle reader.

Because the US brethren are still working on the largely obsolete imperial measurement system ;) and the rest of the entire civilised world is metric, here are the conversion rates:

1 US gallon = 3.79 litres
1 UK gallon = 4.54 litres
1 litre = 1 litre (sooooo much simpler..)

In northern New South Wales - Australia, as at 11 October 2005, prices were:

98 Octane - Shell Optimax - $1.24 / litre = $4.70 US gallon
91 Octane - Shell Unleaded - $1.14 / litre

Highest price seen last 30 days:
$1.58 / litre Shell Optimax = $5.98 US gallon
$1.49 / litre Shell Unleaded

If this can run for a week or so, it will provide an interesting comparison (and I suspect, uncover a few nasty truths) about the cost of fuel. Try and stick to the above octane ratings, and if you can handle a calculator, do the conversion to litres and US gallons to provide a reference.

Watching with interest

Chris Paine
Carool NSW Australia
'01 K1200LT

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Octane Rating


Octane ratings here are calculated differently I believe. Check out:
Around here (NJ/PA in the USA) the following holds:

87= Regular/Standard
89= Plus (or some other such name)
91?/93/94= Premium/Super (or some such name)

People obviously draw their own lines as to what is in fact Regular/Plus/Premium and also, many locations don't offer all grades, especially in the country when 87 & 89 are usually the only ones available.

I'll try and track down the different method used.

BTW, I always just load up with the top octane rating available - I go further on a tank.
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