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Test BMW K 1200 GT: Cruise missile

You do not trust only appearances... The BMW K 1200 GT of course is cut to take you along far, in duet, charged, comfortably and surely. But its taken again technology of the sporting K1200S is capable of good more... French fastening put aside, of course.

Fixed now with 130 km/h in 6th in the neighbourhoods of the 5000 tr/min, one crosses in a top-of-the-range comfort. Admittedly, protection is undoubtedly not on the level of best. The bubble returns the airflows (fresh) on the neck and the arms. Finally, bottom manages well better, saving thereafter quasi completely the legs of projections of rain. For the hour, the weather is quite dry and the first large curves are profiled already at the horizon. One remains careful. A machine of almost 300 kg deserves all the regards when it is a question of going to play with the laws of gravity and I thus approach the first turn with humility... to see me that I am completely with the stop. Definitely, this direction is démoniaque of effectiveness! A sporting geometry on a GT, one knew already a little with the FJR 1300. But added here to the rigidity of the nose gear and in the low centre of gravity thanks to the four cylinders inclined within the framework, here which confers on the BMW K 1200 GT a promptness really above suspicion and now single in this category

BMW K 1200 GT: The complete test

This BMW K 1200 GT counts among the most impressive motor bikes that it was given to us to test. Not in terms of rough performances - no matter what the version full power announces all the same in the neighbourhoods of the 150 CH... - but more by formidable work, it should well be acknowledged in particular, carried out by the German engineers in link-word on the ground.... Believe us, null another high-performance touring car is not able today to dispute the "dynamic" superiority of this new K 1200 GT. And how could it it? Since the BMW begins again neither more nor less than the base of true sporting already very anticonformist that one, the famous K1200S tested in these pages there is nearly one year. One suspects it, this filiation marks in-depth the personality of his new sister. To such a degree that one still puts the question: can one still speak in his case about Great Tourism or must one from now seeking a new name? Explanation of the phenomenon.

Trekking with Allemande

For this national presentation, the manufacturer had invited us to Saint Tropez, just after - pure coincidence! - Ducati for the test of Monster 695. As much to say a transition from the marked kind... as if you forsake your pair of moccasins of à.la.mode city to fit technological shoes of trekking hyper! Admittedly, here an undoubtedly exaggerated comparison but hardly when one takes already the care to detail the flagship BMW quickly. Let us avoid the usual commonplaces, the automobile and technological print marked large house, etc. But it is however well this idea which comes to mind when one leans under the careenage to admire the superb fork with central shock absorber and the quality of his foundries, will monobras it with transmission shafting and Cardan joint, the imposing preparing, optional the Xenon headlight, it solid bubble with electrical regulation or the overall completion. Vain undoubtedly not, but pragmatic, doubtless, this GT makes honor with the mark and overall... with the motor bike. One in vain already has known his technical base for one year on the model S, difficult to remain insensitive in front of this package out of the commun run. For briguer its new road vocation, K 1200 GT essentially adopts a high handlebar, a more generous equipment and preparing in order to better shelter its crew of the elements... And here almost all, one would be tempted to summarize, so much the first turns of wheels bring back to us to always particular feelings.

Ca gigote in front of, that shakes in the medium

You who you made already the image of a heavy motor bike, to control with the largest respect, will undoubtedly be désappointé at this moment... Bulky, broad, of high appearance, K 1200 GT however accomodates you without too much manner. The saddle of origin in low position (820 mm) makes it possible my 1,78 m to well flat pose the feet on the ground by bending the legs clearly, while the cockpit does not reveal finally anything complicated. A little austere certainly, the instrument panel remains a model of the kind, complete and very readable. Finally, only the control units remain guaranteeing folklore house with these famous orders of clignos duplicated on each one (but for how long still?). In short, you would almost immediately smell yourselves at ease if the first turns of wheels did not come to shake your beautiful certainty. At low speed, I have for my part well evil to make him preserve a strictly rectilinear course. Of start, the direction is light, and the handlebar which dances between the hands surprises as much as the sonority of the engine quite as unusual on this large injury of the road. Where consistency and discretion promised to reign as a Master, the almost metal rail of the large exhaust box and the noises of aspiration under the tank hold the attention. The roughness of the four cylinders, far from the "smooth" behaviors more of the four Japanese cylinders, contributes to make it more alive in impression. But from there with becoming really sympathetic nerve for the moment, there is still a margin. One in vain looks after the go-around or the action on the clutch lever, to roll to the step is not only K 1200 GT does best... Quickly, the plays of transmission end up becoming aggravating, causing frequent jolts while the gear box supplements the table while claquant copiously with the passage of the first reports/ratios with low mode. In short, for the moment, that gigote nicely in front of, that shakes a little in the medium... but that inspires also the respect. In its blue colour and with its night lights framing the optics of headlight, the K1200GT plays of its resemblance to the RT and FJR of the gendarmerie. The motorists do not make the malignant ones, stop almost to let to us pass with a light smile by discovering the quite involuntary usurpation of identity. BMW projects to propose this motor bike with the evaluation for the administration in 2007. But we will not await this date to give our! Left Tropez Saint, the machine soon will make display of its qualities.

Joys of fastening

Fixed now with 130 km/h in 6th in the neighbourhoods of the 5000 tr/min, one crosses in a top-of-the-range comfort. Admittedly, protection is undoubtedly not on the level of best. The bubble returns the airflows (fresh) on the neck and the arms. Finally, bottom manages well better, saving thereafter quasi completely the legs of projections of rain. For the hour, the weather is quite dry and the first large curves are profiled already at the horizon. One remains careful. A machine of almost 300 kg deserves all the regards when it is a question of going to play with the laws of gravity and I thus approach the first turn with humility... to see me that I am completely with the stop. Definitely, this direction is démoniaque of effectiveness! A sporting geometry on a GT, one knew already a little with the FJR 1300. But added here to the rigidity of the nose gear and in the low centre of gravity thanks to the four cylinders inclined within the framework, here which confers on K 1200 GT a promptness really above suspicion and now single in this category. In short, one starts nicely, almost désappointé per such an amount of contrast between his gauge and this promptness, for then quite naturally increasing the rate/rhythm by taking confidence little by little. Dice at the time, it any more but does not remain to select the sport mode via the electronic ordering of the adjustment of the suspensions to appreciate a compromise confort/tenue course also impressing to him. The work of compounds, in hydraulics in particular, is remarkable on the small bumps whereas only some large compressions swallowed at good speed cause sometimes a depression a little too marked, but in any event always easy to manage... On its side, the engine clears up the voice. A few moments ago, it rolled up with goodwill with low mode, showing even a very conclusive "trunk" in recoveries. Whatever the speed, it is indeed enough to screw the handle without changing report/ratio most of the time to forget least contrariety... including in duet. This "K twelve" points out the old block by this conclusive goodwill. But this time, dice which it is a question of adopting a more sporting rate/rhythm in "drawing" each report/ratio on a broader beach from mode, he suffers more clearly from (always scandalous) French fastening. It is especially true in the neighbourhoods of the 6 000 tr/min, where it slows down its flight clearly, to be begun again slightly towards the 7 000 whole while lowering the last arms 8 000 tr/min. In short, very sympathetic with semi-mode and of everyday usage, the "four legs" German "rows" after 6 000 tr/min dice that it is requested more nerveusemet... Of course, concerning an output capacity of 107 CH, this impression is to be relativized. Nevertheless, one cannot prevent oneself at this time from regretting the version full power whereas the frame only requires of him to be expressed. Of Tropez Saint, the occasion was back too beautiful to push K 1200 GT in the beautiful curves...

BMW invents the Large one... Sporting?

With 230 km/h meter for approximately 9 250 tr/min, well few motor bikes can post such an imperturbable stability. And no other GT. Even the R1200RT, however already particularly sure, cannot completely compete with his/her new sister. In spite of its weight, "cases", bubble in high position or connections, the frame of this motor bike is all bonnement perfect. Accurately been useful by mounts BT020, this motor bike really pushes to roll (very) quickly, leaving clearly its flight envelope to compete with road sporting types Honda CBR1100XX. It should be specified that by taking again the technical base of K 1200 S, this GT also preserved to some extent ergonomics of it. Thus, the legs are folded up too much on board while the saddle is distinguished quickly while invariably making slip the pilot forwards and by meurtrissant also surely the rear-axle unit to him. In short, in spite of the high handlebar which makes it possible to preserve the quite right bust, one has quickly badly with C... on board, whereas the momentary one for its part is treated differently better. Profiting from the progressiveness of accelerations and a very neat ergonomics, that one complained at no time about its fate, even at the end of the 300 km swallowed of a draft thanks to the capacity of the tank. By adding to the a whole braking assisted finally transparent ABS in its use and proposing for the remainder a power quite as remarkable, you will have understood that one deals here with very beautiful matos which hoists, if it were still possible, the bar of a new notch as regards motor bike of tourism... to sporting tendency. Because all the paradox is there! So visually this new BMW takes again without nuances the atours of true a GT, the aggressiveness of its engine in the semi-modes, doubled excellence of the nose gear and of the safety of the unit allow him also owls moment of madnesss... at the side of more directed machines rough performances. A new hybrid, left Large... Sporting (?), to which our neighbors will have undoubtedly the occasion besides to taste much more than us, whereas our weak French law undoubtedly gives to many owners the idea of going to Germany to benefit more completely from their investment. Because it is finally especially as regards budget that this K 1200 GT leaves the best charts with its competitors. It is posted in basic tariff with 17 850 € with integral braking ABS in series, for which it is advisable to add the 1 650 € of the pack ECE3 (heating suspensions ESA, saddles and handles, speed regulator and Xenon headlight) whose the motor bike was equipped with this test. In short, vis-a-vis to the 14 815 € of the FJR 1300 ABS, its principal competitor, here which will undoubtedly not reject the "pro-BMW" but more surely the hesitant ones. Despite everything, there are experiences which sometimes deserve to break the moneybox...

Photographs manufacturer, Alberto Martinez and ms

  • stability
  • agility
  • duet
  • fabrication/équipement

  • frustrating fastening
  • jolts transmission
  • tariff...

Our first impressions vis-a-vis with...

Yamaha FJR 1300: Close performances

Yamaha is undoubtedly nearest rival to the BMW. They adopt both same philosophy, a use of high-performance touring car with a very thorough level of performances, thanks in particular to their four cylinders on line delivering a close power in free version. More unexpected, they share also certain defects, like footrests too high for the pilot and of with blows with low mode. In short, not inevitably very at ease downtown - the width of the FJR with its bags is more penalizing - both appear of course dice which the horizon gives off. Dice at the time, to the facility of catch in hands of Yamaha, typical of the Japanese motor bikes, the BMW opposes the more alive response of its engine to semi-mode and especially an incredible behavior of stability thanks to its very rigid frame and its damping without faults. On this point, the FJR should not be able to fight (especially at high speed where it is shown less stable) whereas it is caught up with without any doubt by its rises in mode less frustrating in attached version and by its agility in turn, without however making a clear difference. It is thus understood that the BMW is essential here above all on its dynamic qualities, whereas both propose equipment and a rather comparable quality of manufacture (the tops of Yamaha range progressed much on this point these last years). With final, it is also the budget which will make the difference, that is to say 14 815 € for the FJR and 3 035 € of more for K 1200 GT... without the options of the model tested here (suspensions ESA inter alia).

To see the complete test of Yamaha FJR 1300 here

Yamaha FJR 1300

1 298 Cm3, 4 cylinders on line, power 106 CH. (143 CH), couple 12,5 daN.m with 6 000 tr/min, dry weight (factory) 251 kg
+ tariff
+ taken in hands
+ quality of manufacture
+ fastening less frustrating
- stability
- image

BMW R1200RT: Another philosophy

Two philosophies clash: the rough performance of the K1200GT vis-a-vis to the more road character of the famous flat twin German. K 1200 GT is declined of true sporting, one feels it on the level of its ergonomics (hard and inclined saddle, folded up legs), of the distribution of the masses (on before), of its omnipresent direction (rigid and sharp) and of the response of its engine dice the low modes. Less powerful in absolute value, the RT preserves the traditional assets of the kind: a more comfortable ergonomics (more accessible saddle but also more penalizing in height for the "courts on legs", lower footrest thanks to the narrowness of the engine), a frame more neutral and an engine with trepidations sympathetic nerves, certainly less transparent with the daily newspaper (but also more alive, according to the tastes). Vis-a-vis with the flexibility from the "four on line", the flat is thus more demanding with the daily newspaper and offers also less muscular recoveries (in particular in duo/chargé) because of a curve of couple (and power) rather chaotic. In the same way, French fastening is much more penalizing on the R that on K in France... Thus, its performances not completely comparable and its directional stability in light withdrawal (but always with the top of the batch!) do not deteriorate of anything the charm different and quite as single from the RT. In short, the flat twin ducted remainder GT the BMW, most faithful to the famous German tradition (though very modernized these last years...), whereas the new K1200GT more marries the automobile standards of the mark, with on final very high level of performances and which will thus be able in against part rejecting the least sporting. Their tariff is another selection criterion: 16 600 € for the flat in initial version, is 1 250 € less than the four cylinders.

To see the complete test of BMW R1200RT here


1 170 Cm3, 2 cylinders flat, power 100 CH. (110 CH), couple 11,5 daN.m with 6 000 tr/min, dry weight (factory) 229 kg
+ character
+ vocation "GT"
+ ergonomics
+ little attached
- less performances
- flexibility engine

BMW K 1200 GT: To retain

Narrowly derived from the K1200S, we will not return in-depth here on the technical dossier of the K1200GT, of which you will be able to find the principal characteristics in the test of his/her sporting sister here. Essentially, retain that the two motor bikes share the same parts cycles and engines, as well as the same values of footing, geometry, etc, with some exceptions (minor) close (between brackets, data of K 1200 S):
- integral braking in series (in option)
- disc postpones diam. 294 mm (265 mm)
- dry weight 249 kg (228 kg)
- tire AR 180/55 X 17 (190/50 X 17)
- tank 24 liters (19 liters)
- alternator 945 W (580 W)
- power 152 CH. with 9 500 tr/min (167 CH. to 10 250 tr/min), 107 CH for France
- couple 13 daN.m with 7 750 tr/min (8 250 tr/min), 11 daN.m for France

Thus, nothing finally very astonishing to find on the GT a behavior worthy of sporting sharpened... weight moreover. Because it is especially on this point that the two machines are dinstinguent, because of an ergonomics and equipment specific to each one. Visible with the first glance, it is of course the preparing of the GT and its equipment cossu which are worth this plumpness to him. Difficult to find besides to repeat on this GT who offers all of which can dream any demanding motorcyclist... with the proviso of enriching the initial version by the famous packs optional. Those thus allow a saving in approximately 10% compared to the prices of each accessory bought only. For the GT, 3 packs are currently proposed:
ECE1: heating handles and computer of edge: 310 €
ECE2: heating suspensions ESA, saddle and handles, computer of edge: 1 100 €
ECE3: projectors xenon, suspensions ESA, saddle and handles heating, speed regulator, computer of edge: 1650 €

In series, K 1200 GT proposes its famous integral braking in any case ABS (in option on the S). In this last evolution, it offers without any doubt the best effectiveness (since its introduction on the first BMW R 1150 RT), allowing one felt almost standard with the lever before (it still misses a little corrosive to be optimal), a good feeling with the back, and for the unit an impressive power of stop, doubled of a beautiful safety thanks to anti-locking ABS. To note, it is here associated for the first time on a motor bike with an indicator with wear with the plates. Another innovation, a pressure gauge of the tires will be also available in option during 2006! Our model of test was assembled in Bridestone BT020 (very indicated for this motor bike) and was equipped with option ESA, that is to say the electric adjustment of the suspensions while rolling, with three modes (normal, sport, comfort) and three loads (solo, duet, duet + luggage). Once again, we were bluffés by the effectiveness of this system which really makes it possible to adapt the behavior of the motor bike to the conditions of rolling, safeguarding in all the cases a compromise confort/tenue of very satisfactory course (even if per moment we would have appreciated a little more hydraulic braking with the back, allowing the motor bike to less pack itself on strong compressions in curve at high speed, for example).

For the remainder, the GT is distinguished especially from the S by its more comfortable ergonomics, in particular thanks to its handlebar high and adjustable on 40 Misters the spacing of the clutch and handbrake levers can also be adjusted on four positions. On its side, the saddle is adjustable in series on two levels (820 and 840 mm). In low position, it makes it possible to well flat pose the feet on the ground, legs bent, for a pilot of 1,78 m. An option makes it possible to lower its height to 800 Misters As usual, the electric bubble can it be also regulated via an order with the control unit this time, on a height of 100 Misters It does not give here whole satisfaction besides, generating movements sensitive to the level of the arms, shoulders and hands, sending even the fresh air (in this season) directly on the neck...

the option raised bubble (+ 60 mm; perhaps €55) will make it possible to cure that. Once again, one cannot shelter U under the saddle, whereas the bags do not accept all the models of full-face helmet (nor a computer 15 "with its bag). They are in any case practical to use, are detached easily from the motor bike, and are locked with only one key (that of the neiman of the motor bike, which offers also a system electronic anti-starting). The list of the accessories lays down inter alia two models of signal puts (28 liters, for 1 helmet; 49 liters, for two helmets).

BMW K 1200 GT

Drawn from the press kit manufacturer

Essential characteristics of new K 1200 GT:
- Four cylinders in line in transverse position, tilted cylinders of 55 degrees
- 1157 Cm3, 112 kw (152 CH.) to 9 500 rpm, 130 Nm with 7 750 rpm
- Guidance of the nose gear wheel by Duolever
- Guidance of the aft wheel by Paralever
- BMW Motorrad Integral ABS, partially integral version
- electronic Aircraft power system managed by bus EDGE
- electronic Antidémarrage (EWS)
- Indicator of the wear of the brake pads
- adjustable Saddle and handlebar
- Suspension with electronic adjustment (ESA, option)
- integral Careenage aerodynamically optimized
- Bubble with electrical regulation

Principal technical differences distinguishing new K 1200 GT from its devancière (BMW K 1200 GT model < 2005):
- increased maximum Power (+ 17%)
- increased maximum Couple (+ 11%)
- reduced Tare weight (- 6%)
- increased Payload (+ 19%)
- increased Capacity of the tank (+ 17%)
- increased theoretical Autonomy (+ 17%)

The curve of couple evolving/moving on a raised level, more than 75 % of the maximum couple are indeed available as of 3 000 tr/min.

(...) The greasing with dry casing and the position of assembly of the engine with the tilted line of cylinders of 55 degrees forwards made it possible to the engineers to clearly move to the bottom the centre of gravity.

(...) Duolever: The whole of the design posts an enormous rigidity in torsion and is centered on a very easy handiness. The forces of takeoff being weak, the suspension can answer with a high degree of accuracy the least asperity of the road. Lastly, the kinematics of Duolever such as the effect is antiplongée with braking remains practically constant on all the race of clearance. Thus, new K 1200 GT can be praised of a part cycles which offers an ideal mixture between approval of control and sportivity.

(...) The braided conduits of brake steel of series are not only pretty to see, but are moreover the pledge of a constant hard point. The BMW Motorrad Integral ABS in its partially integral version forms part of the standard equipment. On this version, the handbrake lever operates the brake before and the back brake, whereas the footbrake pedal operates only the back brake. This design of Integral ABS fulfills the requirements of the pilots liking sporting control. Lastly, the equipment of series of new K 1200 GT proposes another comfort and safety member: the indicator of wear of the brake pads (warning signal) informs the pilot as soon as the brake pads reached the limit of wear and that they must thus be replaced.

(...) Instrument panel: Total mileage, daily mileage are posted, the hour, the temperature of the liquid of cooling, the engaged report/ratio of box, the gasoline level and, as soon as the reserve is started, remaining autonomy. That which chose optional suspension ESA or the system of pressure controle of inflation of tires (DRC), can also read the current taring of the shock absorbers, respectively the pressure of inflation. The computer of edge available in option is also useful of the flat-faced screen of information to post its functionalities. The lighting of the instruments, as for him, is controlled automatically by a photosensitive cell.

(...) The integral careenage of new K 1200 GT does not pass unperceived: aerodynamically optimized, it presents one very low cx and guarantees a maximum stability with the motor bike even when it adopts a constant rate/rhythm of cruising. The part before careenage is formed by two shells out of synthetic matter and the optical unit which assumes a carrying role. Some gestures sufficient to assemble or dismount all the elements of the careenage, the motor bike is very easy to maintain.

(...) Each three principal colour suggested for the body - metallized dark graphite, blue deep metallized and gray metallized crystal - can be combined with two colors contrasted for the masks side (on the tank and in bottom of the saddle) and the saddle.

Options and accessories

On K 1200 GT, BMW Motorrad proposes for the first time of the packs of specific options. These packs can be supplemented by other options, it remains possible to choose only certain individual options. The options and packs of equipment are delivered in ex-works, whereas the accessories are also assembled out of post-equipment in the dealer of BMW Motorrad.


- high Bubble 55 €
- Computer of edge, witness of oil level included 150 €
- low Saddle of pilot (800 to 820 mm) 0 €
- electronic Adjustment of suspension ESA 680 €
- warning System theft protection device DWA 190 €
- heating Handles (automatic adaptation of the intensity of the heating if associated the computer of edge) 205 €
- Headlight with xenon 360 €
- System of pressure controle of inflation (DRC, envisaged as of the autumn 2006), price NC
- heating Saddles 415 €
- Speed regulator 320 €
- gray or black Saddle €
- Alternatives of color for the tank and the masks side €

In detail
Computer of edge:

Enriching the functionalities by the flat-faced screen of information of series, the computer of edge is available on request. The actuation of a key laid out on the left control unit is enough to call and visualize various information like remaining autonomy, the mean velocity, average consumption or the ambient temperature. Moreover, the computer informs the motorcyclist when the oil level falls below the minimum level and as soon as the outside temperature goes down to 3 °C or less.

Electronic adjustment of suspension ESA:

On request, the pilot can carry out an adjustment of the suspensions by simple actuation of a key to the handlebar. After having preselected the type of loading (only, only with luggage, to two with luggage), and thus the prestressing of the spring, the motorcyclist can indicate his style of control (comfort, normal, sport). On this basis, the electronic order determines the laws of damping best adapted, that is to say nine different possibilities of adjustment. The taring of the shock absorbers can also be modified besides while rolling. The possibilities available and selected taring are posted on the flat-faced screen of information.

Headlight with xenon:

The motor bike can be delivered in ex-works with a headlight to xenon with reflectors to complex geometry. The alternative of reflectors especially developed for the motor bike is equipped with a cylindrical screen of form avoiding the diffuse light and the dazzling indésirés. The luminous flow of the system is approximately twice more powerful than that of conventional lamps with iodine. The spectral composition of the light to xenon approaching of almost that daylight, the eyes tire less. Lastly, the lamp with xenon consumes approximately 30 % of energy of less than the traditional lamps, whereas its lifespan is definitely higher. The main-beam headlamp corresponds to that of the quartz halogen lamp of series with two reflectors with complex geometry and H7 technology.

System of pressure controle of inflation DRC:

The data are provided by radio operator sensors integrated into the wheels and supplied with pile. As soon as the system detects an important variation compared to the set points, a yellow witness of control or a red witness of warning ignites on the flat-faced screen of information to draw the attention to the loss of pressure. The DRC will be probably available to the autumn 2006 in the range of the accessories and could be assembled out of post-equipment, and this also on all K 1200 GT built since the launching of the production.


- Great signal puts (49 L) 604 €
- Small signal puts (28 L) 394 €
- interior Bag great signal puts 85 €
- interior Bag small signal puts 79 €
- Splash plate small signal puts 59 €
- shock-proof Protection for bags left and right-hand side 55 €
- interior Bag for bags left and right-hand side 79 €
- Satchel of tank (23-32 L) 239 €
- GPS BMW Navigator 1 490 €
- additional electrical Connector 55 €
- Set of tools of complementary edge 59 €

Tariffs to the 27/03/06

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Can't wait to ride the GT.

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Ahhh, the French and their English

Guess the French liked the bike, sure used funny words, though. Probably because the article was translated by a computer.

Oh well, I'm still waiting. Gotta sell my '02 K1200LTE 'cause I've got a $1k deposit on the GT and my dealer said mid-May

Let's see - 200+lbs lighter; 50+ more hp. I THINK it might just be a scosh faster than my LT. I rode a K1200R last week with approx the same hp and made it all the way to 115mph. (Third gear out of six, 7,000 rpm on a 10,000 rpm red line.) Fast??? Bet your second ugliest cousin it was fast. Wind pressure at 115-125 was real heavy, though. But, Lord, was it fast. Instant throttle, too. Did I say it was fast?

Hope the Gt has the same manners. This 61-yr.-old body is gonna' flat enjoy running the snerd out of the GT out hear in Nevada by the Black Rock Desert. (One straight stretch on Hwy 358 out of Hawthorne is 26 miles long. At least 4-6 cars per hour!) Whew!
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