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FM radio etc

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After searching around for ages I think I may have found a suitable candidate for music on the KGT.

same thing in Amazon

It's a 1/2 depth so would fit easily into the glove box of the K or even possibly into the body work on the left side (if a suitable waterproof cover can be made).

Plumbed into the autocom etc, and as it has SD slots mp3's etc can be popped in easily, and the face plate comes off for security.

Have to do some measuring :)

Anyone got any ideas for a cover if it was installed in the left side of the cowling?
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I have a really hard time listening to commercial radio here in Austin, TX. The good stations are few but the commercials they play annoy the heck out of me. That's why I stick with either an MP3 player, internet radio or XM (in the pickup). That said I either use a small MP3 player or my phone with earbuds to listen to music. Of course I stick to one channel and hope I don't lose signal (which rarely happens) with the phone. In fact I listened to internet radio on the phone from Austin, TX, to Birmingham, AL without interruption recently... it was great!

As far as installing something I guess you can replace your storage compartment on the right side. I would hate losing that little bit of storage myself. Once it's in there you really can't change stations either unless you're pretty talented. A marine radio would be water resistant from the get go.
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