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Hi guys!

I've recently bought a 2007 BMW K1200GT and I'm looking to learn as much as possible about the bike.

I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in the NW Chicago suburbs for 5 years until recently that I moved to Davidson,NC.

I'm also trying to find a BMW group to go for rides on the weekends.

I'm looking forward to chat with people from this forum.

Gabriel Alesi.


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Welcome, Gabriel.

The K1200GT is a fun bike, and can be quite reliable with a few simple modifications.

Do have a dealer run the VIN and make sure that all factory recalls are completed.

There is a K1200/1300GT (The Next Generation) forum here on, and a K12/1300GT (Next Gen) forum on Neither are very active, but there's good information on both.

I put 138,000 miles on an '07 K1200GT, 12,000 on another '07 K1200GT, and 60,000 on an '09 K1300GT. I've done everything from full engine rebuilds to wiring to extra fuel cells to car tires.

So let me know if you have any questions...
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