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First in the North East

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OK all you north east riders. Log into the new board here. Post a picture of you and your ride.

2002 K1200lt
Hellertown, PA

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Getting used to this

Guess I'll try hitting the post and see what pops up. Do you think its "sailor proooffff??"

HMMMMM now if I want to add a happyface or somtin ... eeevn got spillck??

Good grief charlie brown... or ''HOOKEY-SMOKE BULLWINKLE!"
now if I hit <submit Reply> what happens?
Keep Learning

So this posts right below Lee's thread... By the way, Nice 02 Lee, is that near Lake Wallenpaughpac (sp)?? Who dat man behide dose Foster Grants?

Next weekend may be a nice time for an Autumn ride in CNY Sunday??

Leme Know.
ksailor said:
is that near Lake Wallenpaughpac (sp)?
Actually it's Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, PA. The Discovery Riders July ride went by the lake and we took a brief break there.
Just rode through Hellertown yesterday, what a beautiful day. We're headed up to the Water Gap today.............I just don't want this weather to end.
Hello with a new look..

Well I guess that is something new to get used to...
nplenzick said:
Just rode through Hellertown
What were you driving? I was out in the 4 wheeled vehicle and saw a couple K's in the area, maybe it was you.
Hey Lee and other Northeasterners (???) I live near Albany, NY and ride my wonderful 99 LT in canyon red and am loving the weather lately. Let me know of any rides in the area.
Weekapaug, RI Oct 1, 2005


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Hi guys, my first post. I know... it's not an LT, but I like LT's!
Don't want to be a lurker anymore. Cheers.


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