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BLUF: I will purchase a 2012 R1200RT in May. This bike will be custom ordered from the factory so I get all and only the options that I value.

Who: Self and fellow forum member, Dave a.k.a. heavynikonf3
What: Well equipped Polar Metallic 2011 R1200RT.
Where: In and around Las Vegas, NV
When: April 3-4, 2012
Why: For the love of motorcycling. Try the RT before buying one.
How: Renting from BMW of Las Vegas. Impressive dealership, great people.

Synopsis: Bike exceeded expectations. Character must be experienced to "get". Physical size seems to disappear once you start rolling. Slow and high speed handling very predictable and confidence inspiring. Power is more than adequate for style/purpose of the bike. Brakes performed drama here. Shifting is smooth. Adjustable windscreen very effective for increasing air flow or significantly reducing wind buffeting...even for those up to 6-3 traveling 70-80 mph. Two up my wife was very comfortable, likely due to the seating position and having the 49 liter top box to lean against. Grip and seat heaters had proven effective if not too effective. Radio was cumbersome to operate at first but didn't take too long to master...will not be getting this on my bike though. ESA II and cruise control are a must have in my book. Before using the ESA I wasn't convinced but I am now sold.

Not sure if there is interest but I am working on an unabridged version of this report. If there is interest I will share it.

Hope this was helpful.


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