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Liestal, just a bit outside of Basel, Switzerland
The Town-hall
Saturday afternoon in the year of our lord 1420
Just before the news at six..


THe six men and one woman, (I know that woman were not allowed a voice in matters of state,
but Hey! Artistic license!) were discussing how to put the town on the Mappa mundi.

Basel, just down the road, with it´s carnival, voted allover the known world as one of the 50 great festivals to see before you pop your clogs,
was THE place to be for a 72 hour non-stop bender.
Liestal on the other hand had apart from the cow-races and beauty pageant not much to offer.
Since last years pageant was won by a black and white Friesian they had decided not to bother this year.

Two of the men slept, Herr Gruber was regarding a freshly dredged booger with the air of a connoisseur before flicking it at the
cat sleeping on the window ledge.
Nobody had had a brilliant idea yet..

Frau D´Arc shouted
"Lets make biiiiig BONFIIIRES´s, huge BONFIIRE´s in the middle of the town, that will flock the crowds."
"Yes, let´s do that!"
Herr Bauer remarked, dripping not just a hint of sarcasm.
"Let me see if I understand, we build this big fire in the middle of our medieval half-timbered houses and have not even invented the fie-brigade yet."
"That should put us on the mappa mundi, at least until the embers die down" Another remarked with a chuckle.
"No! Hear me out" Frau D´Arc shouted, rather crossly.
"It will be a winner! Let´s have 300 people jog down the main-street with 80 Kilo fire-brands over their shoulders and for a bit of fun let they be lit.
We could make 10 foot high BONFIIIRES, we could mount them on wheels and cart them through the town, how about that?"

"Oh can it sister" Herr Gruber exasperated. "We are not going to do that, you and your flipping bonfires"
Frau D´Arc loved fires and everybody in the room knew that what was it that they had called her?
Nympho.. no, Klepto.. no Frau "Pyromania" D´Arc, that was it.
"You are Bonfire daft, your bonfires are going to be the death of you someday."
Insulted, she stood up and made for the door..
.."You will see"
Frau D`Arc shouted over her shoulder.
"I am fed up with you lot, I am going to France, where people have culture and there, one day, I will famous for my BONFIIIRE´s, people allover the world will remember my BONFIIIRES!"

They had heard it all before..
"..Yes Joan, you go and do that!!"

Actually the first Chiembäseumzug was in 1902 and instead of Joan D`Arc the guy´s name was Herr Eugen Stutz, the baker, he is credited
with baking using timber from fir-trees, or Chien, (origin of the english word chines?) Bäse is of course "CH-German for "brush"
Put the two words together and you get a large amount of resinous timber that likes to burn.

And as always some music first.
Guggemusi, if this dosn´t make you want to move your feet, you had bette check your pulse.

The head of Liestal´s Züricher and AXA insurance branch-office, (department for fire and water damage) must be chugging down Xanax-pills like they were smarties.

The first fire rolls under the town portal.

In the chronic of the Chiembäse it is noted (with not a bit of surprise) that although one or two other towns have invited the Chiembäse-club around, non have done it twice.

Why do I see my ex MIL in the flames?

The heat is almost unbearable, the rivets on my jeans got so hot that they left blisters on my leg, as the evening wore on you could smell melting plastic from the over head street-lamps.
A good job that I brought a few cans of my own fire-extinguisher.


Every now and then some witty person chucks a firework into the flames.

Can you see how the intense heat makes people try to protect themselves.

That is not snow but falling ash.

Children as young as ten can be seen carrying fire-brands, however they get the lighter ones.

After two hours the streets are the envy of downtown Pompeii.

And all the pubs are non-smoking these days, now that´s what I call ironic.
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