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Welp, it took awhile but I finally finished my 24K service. I did it in steps over about 3 weeks. I've had the bike apart for about 6 days, working on it mostly late a night. Mickey help me with the valve checks Thursday night and all were within tolerances at 25,400 miles.

This is the first one I've done by myself. On the others that I helped with at John R's resort, we always had trouble getting the seat bracket back on, as well as the tank. If you use a small amount of flexible bonding material to stick the rubber spacers at the rear of the tank into the tank and lube them with silicone, it's makes getting the tank on much easier. Also, loosening the front grommets, lube them with silicone, then retightening them after getting the tank back into place, seemed to make it much easier. It seems to me that most of the seat mounting brackets I've seen are not precisely manufactured and don't want to go back to where they were without forcing them back into place. Mine wasn't that bad, but next time, I might drill out the two holes on the right side of the bracket to allow a little more slack getting it back on. Otherwise, the service was easy.

I laid the bike down due to sand at an intersection while taking off in a right turn rapidly(Ok, I'm stupid), 2 years ago. I replace all the damaged parts and have not had a problem. However, while installing a new rear tire, discovered that the muffler had been pushed in toward the rear wheel making it very difficult to get the rear wheel out from under the bike. :eek: Anyway, after scratching the rim with the ABS sensor, Mickey help me figure this out and we were able to bend the muffler mounting bracket back to it's original position and everything is OK. Mickey refinished the wheel and it looks better than new. :)

Also, the left tip over bar frame must have been torqued a little during same mishap. When we disconnected it from the frame to get to the valve cover, there was a popping sound, like it was under stress. When I started putting the Tupperware back on, the left upper panel doesn't fit exactly like it use to and seems to want to bulge 1/16th of an inch out from the radio sting ray. I've had it off before, since the mishap, and had no problem getting in back on, until I took this frame support off. I've taken the bike apart again, both sides, and loosened all of the frame bolts to try an let any torque off the frame supports. The left upper panel seems to fit better, now, but still doesn't fit like it use to. Other than that, everything went well. :D

It's really not difficult to do, if your careful and don't force anything. It just takes a little time, but saves a lot of money. ;)
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