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Thanks to hopz and this link ...

... plus the brief writeup by Bill Haycock (can't find the link, anymore), I was able to do my first valve adjustment on an 02 R1150RT with great aplomb. :)

The bike only has 22,000 miles. It has full service records from BMW dealers, but the valves were so tight I couldn't get the .015mm gauge into any of the 8 valves. The .030mm? Fughedaboudit.

The toughest part was finding TDC, LOL. As you turn the wheel, you can see what the intake valves are doing, but not what the exhaust valves are doing. So it took quite a few turns to get the piston right where I wanted it.

None of my spark plug wrenches worked, so I made a panicked call to my dealer to order that special tool that the maintenance DVD says you need, only to have the kind and gentle dealer explain that one of the tools in my toolkit does the job just fine. That was a relief, since dealers in this state have the terrible habit of being closed for all but 8 hours off my weekend. Plus Mondays!

Special thanks to hopz for being available by phone to help me with making sure I had TDC.

The procedure takes longer to explain than to do. Reminded me of the clutch adjustment on a Harley. It's simply a matter of tightening or loosening the screws that press the shims against the valve stems. You do that with the 3mm hex key. But to get there, you first have to loosen the bolts that hold them in position. You do that with the 10mm wrench. Once you have the shims at the proper pressure against the valve stems (.015 intake and .030 exhaust), you tighten those same 10 mm bolts to keep the shims in that position, being careful to not let the 10 mm bolt tightening change the 3 mm screw position.

I was intimidated by the valve adjustment on my Ducatis, but this was a breeze!

I'll pick up new spark plugs either today, if I can find any open stores. Or else on Monday. The manual calls for NGK's BKR7 EKC, but this bike had Autolite Platinums installed. Was that good/bad/indifferent?

Next up:
- Install new fuel line quick disconnects (turns out the ones on my bike were busted)
- Throttle body sync
- PCIII mapping: since I already bought the damn thing I may as well have some fun with it


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A word of caution, when installing the new quick disconnects, the one in the tank, be careful to not tighten it too much. It is easy when there is teflon tape or thread sealant on it to drive it in too deep and split the plastic flange of the tank. There are threads about this. Here is one from I-BMW that has photos.
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