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Does your 02 have the speedometer sensor in the drive? If not, I have a couple that could work for you at a good price. email me at [email protected]


palarimer said:
I hate to add another final drive story, but reading others helped me be prepared for the possibility of failure so here we go..

At 52300+ miles it appears my final drive is going south. A few weeks ago while heading home I noticed increased vibration, actually vibrated one of my RS mirrors loose. I was about 2 hours from home so I babied the girl the rest of the way home by the time I got home I had a noticeable growl, not constant but occasionally while accelerating.

I got around to changing the final drive oil today to check the plug for metal and this is what I found...

Now the PO had bike serviced the fall before I purchased it so assuming they changed the final drive oil, which I did, and may be shouldn't have now that I see this, this pile of metal flakes is from about 4 thousand miles of riding.

So I'm going to pull the drive considering buying a used one from Ebay and getting this one rebuilt. From another post I found a link to Kevin Cook's instruction for drilling the slave cylinder weep hole here: and it looks pretty good step by step to getting the drive off. Are there any special tools I will need if I'm just pulling the drive? I don't trust my self for the rebuild.

Anyone out there still rebuilding these or should I head up to the BMW dealer in in Indy with it.

Thanks for any feed back.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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