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I recently installed a BMR shelf. My 06LT came with factory installed GPS mount & wiring. I have a Garmin 2730 & it works fine with the factory installed wiring, BUT the wiring is too short to reach the BMR shelf. I did attempt to re-route the wiring, but once I got both fairings off of the bike & saw all the connections under the communications system housing I turned chicken & decided to put it all back together.

I don't have a manual & wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it put back together correctly. I also didn't want to get it torn all apart only to find out the factory installed wiring is too short.

I have thought about cutting the existing wiring & splicing in a new cord, but didn't think it would look very good. Eventually I'd like to add a power cord for a radar detector, cell phone & ipod to the BMR shelf.

Does anyone have any experience with installing a BMR shelf on a bike that has factory installed GPS wiring? Is re-connecting all of the wires under the com system difficult to do or easy to screw up?
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