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First of all, beeing first time when I write a post here, I wish to congratulate you all for the good job on this forum.

I am the owner of a 2002 KLT for more than 1 year. Now it has 19K km., and It had developed a verry annoying exhaust rattle. Like I had 1000 metallic cans in my exhaust.
The rattling seemed to be from the muffler itself, so, I started to strip the muffler, but no use....
I read all what it was possible on this forum regarding the Exhaust rattling, but it took me few days to be able to read all that spread information in so many threads. So, that is the reason for me to create another more compact and explicit thread. Never know... maybe it helps. :)

So, lets take it step by step:
- I stripped everything on the left lower fairings of the motorcycle
- I have checked the 3 possible weak points, which can generate an exhaust rattle
1: the welding between the muffler and the catalyst can crack and rattle
2: the intermediate exhaust support which can get loose or broken
3: the exhaust head flanges can get loosened. That one was indeed loosened. I was able to tight all screws almost 1 turn (360 degree). But this one was not the rattling cause.

After all that research.... and research... "Evrika"
My root cause was an earlier hit, when I tried to cross something higher than the motorcycle ground crearance, and I hit the metallic shield plate under the bike. The sield itself was bent (out of normal alignment)
The results: 1 suport bent and 2 screws from the back part of the shield damaged and loosened. This had created for the intermediate exhaust suport plate, just enough space to rattle and transmit the noise through the exhaust.
This plate is mounted between the shield and the central stand frame.

So, I have replaced the 2 screws, I aligned the shield plate and the shield support (using a big hammer).
Having all the lower fairings down, this was my chance to eliminate all that front fairing noises.
I used for this a small piece of self adhesive velcro (the soft part of it), which I cut it in 2 halfs (2 strips)

Now there is no strainge noise, no cans and no rattlings. The sound is compact, like new. :dance:

I hope my post will be helpful for someone. Too bad that it was impossible to attach directly into the post the pictures... but the links will do the job.
I wanted to attach a movie with the sound too... but you will need to believe me that it was ok. :histerica I think I will need to graduate another university to figure out how.....

If someone has something to add, please don't hesitate to do it.

All the good wishes and ride safe!

PS: sorry for the "not so good" english... not mother tongue... :bmw:


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Mihai, Welcome and thanks for the very detailed write-up. Definitely worth saving as others too might have the problem and looks like your research will save a lot of time.

A while back, I noticed a loose bolt that holds on my exhaust pipe. It was just because I did my own oil change, that I happened to be looking around under the bike. There was no noticeable rattle, but it was quite loose. Changing the fluids is a good time to give the underside a close looking.

Your English works well.... and is much better, then my Romanian. Thanks again for such a great first post.

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I have bought BMW K1200 LT, 2000, last month, and the bike is GREAT!!! And only thing is not so good is EXHAUST RATTLE. I am very glad to read your post, and tommorov i will attack that problem. I hope that i will be successful just like you.
Greetings from Slovenia. :yeah:
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