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Hi all,

First post :wave, but have been lurking about for some time for research on what bike to buy like what to look for and what not.....So...based on all that I have read I found a bike and bought it.A 95 K1100LT, 18K miles(yes you read that right).
This is a great forum and it helped immensely in my decision. Now that the bike is mine I have a few questions concerning my first BMW bike :bmw: , and was hoping this forum could help with the obligatory buyers remorse of used vehicles.

I changed the oil immediately and after a couple of rides, the oil turned black in the site glass. Is this normal for new oil? No leaks anywhere on the bike. Should I flush it?

The tachometer works intermittently( not a big deal), there is a small crack in the plastic about 1 inch but does not look like it goes all the way through to the inside. it's as if it needs to warm up.

A strange shifting issue that did not occur on the test drive. Once in awhile the gear select digital display will go blank, usually in the lower gears when downshifting.

I plan on changing all the other fluids soon.

So, any advice, comments, questions, critiques are appreciated..

Thanks in advance,

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