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Hey guys,
Has anyone run ethanol blended fuel in their RT's?
I thought i remembered reading somewhere that it is not recommanded.
is that true?
THe stuff i found in the town i live in is 10% ethanol blend at 94 octane rating. the normal gas is 91.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

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Most vehicles will tolerate 10% ethanol without any problems.

Absolutely do not run E85 in your vehicle unless it is certified for it.
There are many reasons why but here's two big ones.
E85 vehicles have a sensor in them to determine the percentage of alcohol and adjust the engine operating parameters accordingly.
E85 fuel system components are stainless steel and rubber certified for alcohol use.

If you run E85 in a non-certified vehicle on a regular basis it will corrode the fuel system components and cause long-term engine damage, guaranteed.

As a side note all gasoline now contains alcohol in small amounts. I think the minimum is set at 3 percent but I'm not certain on that. On my E85 vehicles I have found that E85 results in about a 10 to 15 percent drop in mileage, but they run really well (great horsepower) on it as the octane rating is very high. There's just not as much energy in a gallon of alcohol as there is in a gallon of petroleum so there's a mileage drop.
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