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My 2000 LT has some electrical problems.

I get a fast blink on both left and right turn signals. The rear turn signals light up as the should. The front one's do not. The bulbs are not burnt out. They are brand new.

About 5 seconds after I turn the key to "on" the right rear turn signal will flicker a bit, as though there is a bad connection, and then stay on. If I engage the right turn indicator it will turn off and on as it should. When I disable the indicator it returns to the on state.

I should also mention that neither the cruise control or reverse work anymore. I'm much more concerned about the turn signal situation though, as that can get me in trouble with the popo.

She sits outside in the Florida weather 24/7 and has done so for the last (8) years.

Any guidance on the wiring or where I should start troubleshooting?
The new front bulbs are incandescent, right? You didn’t happen to get LED bulbs…
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