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Eldridge Children's Home Scholarship Winner...give yourself a high five!!!! Many from the LT forum have attend our annual benefit...

It was my honor to present Dustin Latham the Ron Melton Scholarship tonight at Winfield High School. The picture was made after the ceremony. Dustin received several support scholarships such as the Ron Melton Scholarship. He also received the major scholarship, Smith Foundation, which will pay for his tuition for four years. He will enter the pharmacy program at Auburn University. Dustin has lived at Eldridge Children Home for 11 years and has no family. Our Eldridge Benefit Team is honored to be his support family and wish the very best in the next step and level of his life.....I hope someday to stand with him on graduation day Auburn University and show that picture as well.

Should you be new to the forum, many forum members have attend our benefit each year the First Saturday in December and supported our general benefit drive and our Scholarship Fund. The Ron Melton Scholarship was started by donation from MTF members in memory of Ron Melton. To learn more about Ron Melton visit this link:

Thanks for your past support and I hope you make plans to attend... always the First Saturday in December.
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