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Easy Mirror Repair

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As known the clip and the base for this is weak point and breaks apart easy. Mostly the front clip so as mine.

One of them broke at the base for the clip

And the other one lost the whole side

With a Dremel Tool I opened the place where the Ball Stud gets in to the clip, quite a bit

Then I cleaned this part with solvent and filled it up with Silicon

Then I cleaned the Ball Stud put a thin film of Grease around the Ball

After I screwed the Stud back in Place I put the Mirror on. Right to the end position.
I did this a few times piled always a new layer of Silicon surround the hole and squeezed it with my fingertip towards the hole. The Ball builds a little cave in the Silicon. If it is deep enough to hold the Mirror about 10 Millimeters take the Mirror on bring it in the right position if necessary fix it with tape to the Tuperware an don't touch it for the next three days that it can dry out.
No vibration, no wobble, you can take it of and on again no problem and safe you around 200,- bucks each side.

Hope this will help you in the future and safe you some Money.

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Great job Manfred and easy to do. :wave
Slick technique, Manfred. My scoot is a candidate. Just added your process to my rainy day to-do list.

Great Idea!!! On my rainy day list as well!!!
Hey! That looks like a good fix! I just repaired the clip on the front of my right hand mirror using some epoxy and fishing line to anchor the clip. I followed some of the earlier posts here and it worked out pretty good. I just had a small piece of the plastic at the end of the clip break off so it wasn't as big a break as you show. So far it is holding up well.
Your idea is great. Hope it holds up for a long time.
Jim :dance: :dance: :bmw:
I took an even easier approach to fixing mine when the mounts let go. I took a #8 nylon screw, drilled a hole through the mirror assembly, tapped the hole in the metal plate behind the mirror and screwed them in place. They still break away. I know because my Beemer locked mirrors with my Maxim and the screw broke away just fine.

Manfred's easy fix works well. Did it last week, very satisfied with the results! You may want to use some wax paper on the ball side of the mirror just in case your silicone would spread beyond the greased ball. Just punch the ball through the wax paper, then grease the ball.

2005 K 1200 LT
This wax paper makes it even more easy, good idea. But as I said, it is an easy repair and it works.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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