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FuzzyWuzHe said:
I made an adapter from a J&M lower cord as found on a thread here. I'm using bose ear buds. At speeds around 40 mph I an hear fine and the ear buds have little or no distortion. However, at highway speeds I need to up the volume significantly and I get bad distortion. I would like to be able to listen to audio books on long trips from my iPod nano plugged into the aux connection. At first I thought the nano simply didn't have the power to drive the bike system. But, I tried it with the radio and get the same results. I'm guessing now that the ear buds being low impedance are the issue. Any thoughts? As a side note, I purchased a scala g4 from the classifieds here (should be here tomorrow), hoping plugging the nano into the scala will solve this. I'm also gonna try blue tooth to my iPhone to be completely cordless.

does the Scala allow you to plug in ear buds?

Fuze earbuds are really good, and about $40--you custom mold your own, I use about half of the volume with them in as I do with conventional earbuds.
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