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In Jan. a bunch of riders get together at Death Valley. Here is the info about the event. If you have any questions, let me know. There is a thread going in the Nor Cal forum where you can see who is going from up there...

Here is info for the masses.

DVDaze XI is January 27,28,29, 2006 at the Furnace Creek Ranch in Death
Valley California.

The Furnace Creek Resort is taking
reservations. Tell them "original Village Idiots" this year. As noted, the
phone number is 760-786-2345 between 8 and 4. Rates, pre-tax or surcharges,
are $105 to $110. We have a block of 40 rooms reserved at this time. They
are opened up to the masses December 27th. So, reserve by right after
Christmas if you have any money left, or got a lot of money, or were not
let go at the end of the year, or were let go and need something to take
your mind off of it.

For those that were let go, John Peirce has found that he was the FIRST in
camping, walk-in camping. (Oh, and we do have 6 room reservations at the
Resort already. I think Bob Covey was the first.) If those that reserve
camping, particularly walk-in camping, let me know their name and the
reservation number, I will TRY to get the camping kiosk on line. If we
have Sharon there this year, we are golden. If they start playing musical
people, it might be ugly, but I will do the best I can.

Camping info is at: You can do
it online by clicking the link, or telephonically at 1-800-365-CAMP

The good news here, is that we are not a Holiday weekend, so the pressure
on both the campgrounds (Think Boy Scouts, lots of LOUD scouts on holidays)
and the resort. (And the resort has largish gatherings of others some
winter weekends too, but we have longevity and they do like us.)

We have a few other lists and forums that gather with us. ADVriders,
KLR'rs, K12LT'rs, LV Euro-Moto are some that come to mind. I am NOT going
to go over to them and make announcements. I assume we have members here.
(Oh, and KLR folks you will NOT be roasted on a spit, nor will your bikes
be used to start campfires. The BMW folks announce the date, set up the
group rates, and try to make it better for all those camping, only. You
travel on 2 wheels, and that is good.) DVD list members that are members
of other forums with folks intending to attend, feel free to Copy &Paste
this and repost it.

The DVDaze website is up, and counting down. 93
days till Daze as I write this.

The Death Valley Junction to Furnace Creek Inn Rd Hwy 190 is OPEN. This is
the one that the river carried down into the sink last year. All park
attractions off of it, except Dante's view, are open.

So at this point.

Hotel resevations can be made. 760-786-2345
Camping resevatons can be made. 800-365-CAMP


If folks let me know their name and reservation number it helps us KNOW
that we have enough walk-in tent camping space to clump folks. We need 9
reservations to get one loop of the Walk-Ins "all motorcycles". (If you
have been there any year but last year, you know the area I am speaking
of.) If we get 9 that I know of, I KNOW we will have enough space, as they
will let us stuff the area with tents. If we have more than 9 we expand
out past that area, and they will TRY to keep civilians from being
interspersed. Civilians can be upset by motorcyclists standing around the
fire talking late into the night. BTST.

If we KNOW we have 9 or more we can announce that we are "covered" and if
you are running late, and arrive at the kiosk, you don't necessarily have
to pay for a site right then, we likely will have space. (You can always
go back and get one just for you, if you don't like any of the reserved ones.)

The campground operators like us, and will work with us. IF we can help
them by telling them names and reservation numbers. It is the courteous
thing to do.

If this feels like "Too much regimentation." or "What a load of
micromanagement" you have two choices. Deal with it, or don't come.

<Mini-Rant over>

I hope that Robert Laposta will do list duties again this year. I hope
that Dave Swider (President of BMW MOA) will do "door prize" organization

Door prizes. Talk up your dealer (Any Brand) again. We have done
OUTSTANDING some years, and decent all years. If you have gotten a door
prize at some rally and it was "not you," bring it and "move it along." If
you are not aware of how this works, you bring stuff, and it is randomly
drawn. We make sure the dealers know someone got it, because "Be sure to
fill out the Post card."

That should get you going.
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