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After I drop my key in the dark void of the LT, I read all of the comments and looked at the problem. I was going Sturgis, I had the hidden key, etc. But I still didn't like the bare key. Laying around, I had a camera strap (one of those string things), so I drilled a hole in the rubber part of the key and put it on. Check to see if it could but a problem and it look like there was nothing in the way.

Drove to Sturgis and back, no problems. At above 80 the string move around a little, but no big deal.

I like the way I can find my key in my pocket now also.

I haven't had the guts to drop the key into the dark void to check if the strap makes it easier to fish out, but I think it will.

Note on the hidden key. My wife found on the internet that 3/4 of a million dollars of bikes are stolen every year in Sturgis so I put it in my billfold
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