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During the late 60s I went to a small 2 year college in southern New Hampshire. Since I spent my single digit years on Long Island and then the rest of my life in southern CT near the boarder with NY, living in New Hampshire immersed me into not only a, new to me, rural environment but also a different culture, that of New England.

My room mate, who was from Dover NH, one fateful day asked me if I had ever heard “Bert and I'? Well, it turns out “Bert and I” were recordings of “Down East” humor and story telling, from the mid 50s, by a couple of college students from the Boston area.

In his best try at imitating a “Down East” accent he attempted to explain “Down East” Maine humor, attitude. Of course my understanding of Down East was only resolved after he played a old scratchy mono LP (everybody had a record player then).

Immediately I became a fan of the deceptively enigmatic humor combined with a simple straight forward style of story telling.

More than 4 decades later, while I was in VT meeting a member of our community, who has a nice set of home made chains for his LT, Curtis described that style of humor as the ability to directly answer a question without providing any relevant information.

The album is impossible to find now. But, a few years a go, thanks to the internet, I discovered a small company selling some CDs of Bert and I.

Here is a link (you may have to use Msoft Explorer) so that you may sample and watch a Bert and I original:

Best from Tucson

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Funny stuff indeed. Lived in Maine for some time and listening to "Bert and I" was a real treat. Classic Down East humor. I remember well hearing the news that Marshal Dodge had been killed in Hawaii.

I used to hang around with a couple of local guys who had the routines down pat. When they got together, inevitably a "Bert and I" routine was in short order. Being native "Mainers", they had it down pat, accents and all.

Hadn't thought about "Bert and I" in a long time. Thanks for sharing!

Bill Edwards
Boerne, TX
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