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Does Nav VI have these Nav V shortcomings?

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I’m thinking of upgrading from a Nav V to Nav VI. Does the Nav VI have the following shortcomings as I’ve found in the Nav V?
  • Limited saved tracks. The Nav V saves only 20 archived track files, good for about 7,000 mi. There’s no option to change the number of files or otherwise save additional tracks. Can you save more miles on the Nav VI? I’d like at least 20,000 miles.
  • Unlabeled favorites. The Nav V displays a favorite on the map as a big green heart… that’s it. It doesn’t show the name I gave it or a distinguishing icon even after setting the icon on my home computer and uploading. Does the Nav VI show user-specified names and icons of a favorite on the map?
  • Favorites layer combined with services layer. On the Nav V, you can’t show favorites on the map without also showing services (gas stations, etc.). The icons are huge and obscure the map when all I want to see are the favorites. Can Nav VI show favorites without showing services?
  • Oversized icons. For that matter, does the Nav VI have reasonably sized (i.e., smaller but still distinguishable) icons for favorites or services?
I’ve looked through the online manual for Nav VI, but I can’t find the answers to these questions.


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