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Have two BMWs with self-cancelling signals and still figuring out exactly how it works - what my experience tells me are two things:

1. there is a distance component, if you come to a stop, the distance seems to be reset to zero and start over. I have read that the number is 200m, but I cannot verify that.

2. Others have mentioned it is speed specific and I agree, it also seems to be triggered off by increasing speed, especially when I shift from 1 to 2 through neutral. Often I find myself in situations where I signal a turn and slow to 1st gear speed , then accelerate again to 2nd and the blinker goes off regardless of how far I have traveled.

I wish someone had a iron-clad answer to this because my curiosity has been aroused about this for a few years now and can't exactly figure it out with precision. It seems that whenever I test a theory I can't always get the same result so there is obviously a factor that I am unaware of aside from the two I mentioned.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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