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Now I am currious. I tried the CD / Dice replacement and it wouldnt work. They refunded my money and now I am reading two years later that there actually is a 99 LT out there that had a successful Dice install???

Please Explain.


Steve A

LJSMITH1 said:
I recently became a "customer" of DICE Electronics (Audiovox) DUO-100-BMW Silverline iPod adapter unit for my 2005 K1200LT. Having had a '99 LT and a older DICE unit with success (playback AND Display scrolling), I was expecting the same level of achievement with this install. I am using a 4th generation Nano with the latest iOS.

No DICE (haha..pun intended). My iPod playback is ok, controls are ok, yet I have NO display other than the "CD 01, TRACK 01" on the instrument panel. As another member experienced on here, I can scroll through the CD1..2...3..etc., but there is no text or way of turning on the text function. I tried everything in these forums and what I can find online, and still cannot get the darn display to work.

I even purchased the SCC1 Sirius Receiver to connect to the DICE unit. Guess what? Of course it doesn't work. :rolleyes:

Since DICE is now owned by Audiovox, I was hoping for a better experience. Oh well. I checked online, verified the DUO firmware was up to date, and noticed that the Audiovox website does not have the K1200LT as being compatible with this unit. :wtf: Just about every other retailer out there that sells this thing has the K1200LT as a compatible vehicle. I purchased it from one of these retailers.

In doing more research, I found the Neo ProLink 2.0 POD2BMWV1, which claims to work with the '05 K1200LT on Funny thing though, it looks EXACTLY like my DICE DUO unit, only with a NEO brand name on it. Could it be that Audiovox/DICE private labeled the product to NEO?

I have searched threads in here going back to 2006 and there are varying levels of success performing this upgrade. My question is, has anyone had RECENT success with any latest solution to get sound AND scrolling text coming through the stock '05 K1200LT setup? I am not interested in the Jenson setup....yet...LOL

If so, what is your secret? Pretty Please.....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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