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BraveheartRandy said:
A member told me about twisting the throttle 3 times with the ignition switch on and that brought one of the front speakers on for about 30 seconds.
That would not do anything for the radio, you would do that after disconnection of the battery for the bikes computer throttle position reset.

BraveheartRandy said:
Some one else said there is a procedure that resets all of your equalizer settings etc.but provided no instructions. Can anyone help? I have also tried disconnecting the battery leads which did not work. Pressing one of the top buttons also resets the radio tone however I understand that pressing a series of the top buttons in some sequence resets certain parts of the stereo. I currently only have one rear speaker working and 3 are T/U. Thx in advance. :cool: My ride is a 2005 LT with 19K miles.
All those procedures would covered in you radio manual, I would suggest reading that for a start but NONE of those will solve you speaker issues unless the setting are really out of wack.
Try disconnecting the radio connectors ( tupperware party ) reconnecting them while rocking them together to clean the pins to see if that helps. But I think you will need to go to Becker radio for a rebuild.
$400.00 and your problems are over, or look on Ebay.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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