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I've just returned from a trip that violated a basic rule: don't take untested gear on a long ride. I finally decided to try in-ear buds instead of helmet speakers (and earplugs for noise attenuation). Turns out that I am totally sold on the isolation from external noise and quality of music provided by in-ear speakers as compared to helmet-mounted speakers. (I bought the S-Plug earebuds and find them to be very good).

The problem is that either because of the "spliitter" cable required to connect the earbuds (which themselves have a common ground configuration, while the KLT has independent ground l/r) or because I can actually hear what is going on, there is terrible noise in the system. It was so bad that I ended up bailing on the pilot/pillion communication and just had each of us plug into the music source of our choosing, completely bypassing the onboard ComSys.


I have a 2000 K1200LT with a ComSys system. I have had a Garmin StreetPilot III installed for years (no noise detected before). I am using a J&M headset (just the microphone) and connector cords. I have a Dice iPod controller in place of the stock CD changer which I removed. I have an XM radio connected to the Dice aux input jack. I now have constant engine noise (pitch and "speed" changes with engine RPM). I also have what sounds like open-mic feedback, even when the intercom VOX is not activated.

All this seemed to work fine until I switched over to the earbuds. It may be that the noise was always there but I didn't hear it through the helmet speakers and protective earplugs I used. I doubt that, though, since the noise is so loud. I've seen that since my ComSys was purchased and installed, there have been two other iterations (Voice I and Voice II) from BMW. I can start to disassemble the system and look for the cause, but wonder if anyone else has experienced this and diagnosed the problem already.

I would appreciate any information that those that have already fought this battle have learned to avoid duplicating that effort.
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