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Noob LT (2000) owner, noob Forum user. Bought this 2000 model last September from the wife of my recently deceased best friend. He was second owner. Original owner had a factory intercom installed on bike. The intercom has not worked since we have owned it. The bike has a new Odyssey battery- no problem there.

Took the bike to a local guy who does BMW repairs. He says unit must be dead, couldn't find any other problems with it.

Can anyone recommend anything to check that may have been overlooked?


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Chances are it is dead & not worth putting money into trying to fix it. When The one on my 2000 K1200 LT stopped working I went with an Autocom unit. It worked good till I sold the bike & the new owner did not want it so I pulled it off the bike & sold it on Craigslist. I now us the Scala G4 on my K1600GTL.

HERE IS INFO on where you can get an Autocom.
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