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I don't know how many people remember David Quick, but I do. He was at Broken Bow and most of the first five or six CCRs. I will never forget when I had my rear end go out (OK the bikes rear end, not mine you smart asses) on the way to Santa Fe and was without my ride for the entire CCR. Dave hung out with me and went site seeing with me in a car. It was an act of kindness that was really appreciated.

Anyway, I reached out to him to ask him if he was going to Duluth. Here is part of his reply.

I'm not planning to go the CCR. If you and the others from the Twin Cities
come up I'd love to see you all. *A day trip to Ely would be a natural and I
know all the best spots to eat. Unfortunately, Highway 1 will be closed
south of Ely all summer and the detour is about 20 miles on dirt roads. If
the CCR folk aren't aware of that fact could you let them know?

Ely is a great little town and having a guide is even better. So the obvious question, who's up for a visit to Ely and Dave during CCR?

also it a bummer about Highway 1 between 61 and Ely. It is a truly great motorcycle road. Lots of twisties through beautiful forest and old lumber camps with one end at Lake Superior and the other at Ely. Oh well, there are more excellent roads.
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