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We did, and then found out that Bushtec's wiring setup didn't work with the five-pin round connector that Dauntless uses. At least, the way Bushtec wired it up. I installed the Dauntless hitch, Steve helped me wire it up, I sent the trailer-side plug to Bushtec, they installed it at the factory on my trailer, when I picked up the trailer in Marietta nothing worked. After reviewing options we decided to use the Bushtec harness on the LT and their standard plug on the trailer. All is well now - everything works as it should.

Kudos to Bushtec for working with me to do what I asked, and when it didn't work they gave me their wiring harness - at no cost.

And that is why I have an unused Dauntless wiring harness for sale. I have no doubt we could have traced the wires on the trailer and reworked it, but installing the Bushtec harness was the easiest, least-painful way to go. I should have done that in the first place.
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