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Damping adjuster screw

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Recently acquired 07 RT with manual suspension adjustment. Just about to load up for a trip and found that the damping adjustment screw doesn't feel like it wants to move either way.
Is this common?
Is it particularly fragile?
I'm hoping that some WD40 will help.
Any thoughts anyone?
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steveaikens said:
Use a machine screwdriver, not your household wood screw "V" screwdriver...{snip}, Steve. I unknowingly bought a set of machine screwdrivers at a tag sale and always wondered why the tips were sculpted that way. They did have a lot of gun stuff at the sale. I found out that the "orange squeezer" they had was actually used for loading your own ammo. As Woody Allen once said:

"I don't hunt, I shop."

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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