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Damping adjuster screw

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Recently acquired 07 RT with manual suspension adjustment. Just about to load up for a trip and found that the damping adjustment screw doesn't feel like it wants to move either way.
Is this common?
Is it particularly fragile?
I'm hoping that some WD40 will help.
Any thoughts anyone?
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Use a machine screwdriver, not your household wood screw "V" screwdriver.

See picture:

Since your screw seems stuck - you don't want to use the wedge shaped screwdriver because it will only contact the screw at the bottom [no help unscrewing it] and only at the top edges of the screw. A proper sized machine screwdriver bit will make contineous contact the full depth of the slot on both sides of the screw and prevent damage to the screw itself.

As a side note: I happen to be a gunsmith. My pet peeve is people that use household wedge type screwdrivers on the screws of their guns - which ALWAYS damage the screws.

Hit it with WD-40 and let it penetrate w bit before trying to loosen it. Should break free pretty well.
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beech said:
My pet peeve is WD 40 (tar remover and bench top cleaner).
Stop being so peevish..... :rotf:
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