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Finally got round to trying the spare left hand switch gear for the cruise control. I traced the plug that connects behind the headlight and plugged my spare switchgear into that. Didn't bother with the other plug at this stage, I am right in assuming that for horn, hazards,etc?

Ran the diagnostics for the cruise control and it fails on step 8:-

Push foot brake lever (light on) fine so far
hold for 5 seconds (light should go off) yep, that works too
Release foot brake(light on) yes it does for a second or two, then theres a noise from the crusie control unit and it goes off. The throttle seems to move a little too. FAILED :(

While I was at it I thought i'd try the original switch gear, which orignally wouldn't light the 'SET' for love nor money. Guess what, it worked the same as the spare. So I am assuming it was a loose connection. They both fail in the same manner on step 8.

Incidentally I have had a new brake light relay fitted today and have not tested before this but notice brake lights were sticking on. So during the service got the mechanic to change the relay.

Could anyone enlighten me on this error please :confused:

Thanks in anticipation ;)
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