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I recently upgraded my throttle cables to the 05 style and now am unable to get past step #2 in the cruise control diagnostic sequence. I am unable to hear/feel the micro-switch near at the closing throttle cable end. Prior to the installation of the new cables, I was able to hear/feel the micro-switch triggering.

My cruise was intermittent prior to replacing the cables but at that time, I was able to get to #5 step when it failed because I did not have any slack to be able to push the throttle grip forwards. I now have that slack, but cannot hear the micro-switch click.

So, I have loosened the opening and closing cables with no success. I have also moved the cables up and down at the fan cowling also with no success. I made sure the cable routing was the same as the old cables upon new cable installation.

Any suggestions on being able to get the switch to activate? I have read posts about possibly having to move/or remove the tank which I am hoping I can avoid.
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