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Correct oil capacity for a '99 LT?

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What is it?

The manual says about 4 qts.

Morton's BMW says that was a mis-print in the manual & the oil level should be just at the bottom of the sight glass when on a center stand. Thats about 3.2 quarts. I learned this after they did a rear seal job & let me know the oil level was too high (I had it per the manual - middle of sight glass on side stand) before they did the job.

For over 3 years, I've been doing 4 quart oil changes (with filter). I hope I didn't do myself on the previous rear seal failure on that account...

Anyway, I've run a forum search and didn't see this noted.

Hate to start another oil thread, but...
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I've got a 2000 LT and my manual says checking the oil on the side stand; "max" is at the center of the sight glass, "min" is at the lower edge of the sight glass. On the center stand, "max" is at the upper edge of the sight glass, and "min" is at the lower edge. Regardless if it is 3.2 or 4 qts, you're probably going to buy at least 4 quarts anyway. Put 3 in the next change,ride it, let it cool, then check it. If it's low, add oil and repeat until you get the proper level, by the sight glass. I've always used the dip stick or sight glass on all my vehicles when changing oil to get the proper amount in there. The capacities in the manuals are just to give me an estimation of how much oil to buy when I go to the store. I also wouldn't worry about if you actually caused the main seal problem. I'd just concentrate on not being the cause in the future.
Have a great day!
Ed, I also have a 99 and have always kept it at half way mark on the side stand. I have never had any problems. You do not want to go over that however!
I have always run mine at the center mark on the side stand FWIW. :D
There is no danger with four quarts as the running oil level is well below the sight glass so no threat to the rear seal.
Ever since I have gone to filling it up to only 1/4 up the site glass I have had no more oil leak out the rear of the engine. :D
Thanks for all the responses! I think I know what to do.
I'll chime in with what the owner of the local BMW shop told me. Fill the filter with oil and install it, then put 3 quarts in the engine. He said you'll never overfill it that way.
I forgot to add in my post # 6 that is on the center stand.
I was just reading this in Clymer yesterday. Here's what I found out.
To obtain an accurate oil level reading, The engine must be at full operating temperature. Put the motorcycle on the center stand, Wait 10 minutes for the oil to drain back into the pan, And the oil level should be in in the middle, between the upper and lower marks In the check window. The difference between the bottom mark and the top mark In the window is .85 qts. The oil capacity is 3.7 qts with filter change.
I hope that helps!
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