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G'day Chris
I don't think I'll make the snowy ride as work will probably be busy.
But let me know if you make it to Byron. Cathy works Monday to Thursday and I can always take a Friday of. It's only around 3hours from here to Byron. Would be great to catch up and go for a ride out through the back of Byron. Or if you feel like a ride up this way you welcome to stay a night here and I could take you on some great roads around here.
To the Question of what bike. Yes the New one at Pro Cycles is the one I am getting.
I'm not overly keen on the look of the colour in the photos. But it seems a very good price and I figure if I don't like it in the flesh I can always have it painted. They were advertising it on Bike point for $27,130.00. “you can still see the picture of it there” My K1200S cost me $27,500. So by the time they ship it up here It's pretty much the same value. I know the 05 models have some upgrades etc but the price is a lot higher to. Us poor people have to take what we can get.

Hello to you Dezrae
Look if you could send us a few happy snaps that would be great. I could send you some of us out on the water on our luxury cat "Well it was ours for a few days"
It sure is a beautiful part of the world up there. I love the snorkeling the best.

They are actually going to ship the bike up to Coastline BMW on the sunshine coast.
It's only about 4klm from where I work so it won't be a long ride home. But you’re right there are some great rides out the back of Brisbane Mt Mee, Mt Glorious down to Summerset dam back across to Kilcoy, Maleny and back home is one of my favorites.
If you feel temped you know where to come.

Catch you both later and thanks for your posts.

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04 Lt

Hi Nic

I was very tempted to buy that same 04 LT on the price, but I really had my heart set on the hydraulic centre stand to make life easier on my back.
Lucky I found someone willing to do the good deal.
I didn't mind the colour that much, its just they had 2 of them sitting together in the showroom, that was a bit too much brown all at once....

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I will see next weekend time permitting i will go to the Whitsundays and get some "Happy Snaps".
Im looking forward to the 4 days off i get with the new job!
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