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Greetings BMW LT community. I have been lurking as I am thinking about the purchase of a used LT. My last bike was a 100th anniversary HD Road King Classic that I purchased new, I am now considering a well used LT...

I have found a couple of LT's that are close to the same miles, but a big gap in years. I would like your thoughts...

2005 LT """mechanic's special" at a dealer. About 50k miles, but "not regularly maintained" by the original owner. Sales dept. reports the owner claimed there was an oil leak. Service department has not evaluated the bike, would need to do so before I move forward. This is fairly simple since the bike is at a reputable dealer.

2001 LTC with 55k miles, one owner with regular maintenance. Final drive replaced (new one, not sure of miles are rep.), no other major problems. Weep hole not addressed, original brake lines.

The '01 is interesting in that the maintenance is better understood. Would have to arrange for a mechanical evaluation, and the distance from a dealer is substantial. Owner is prepared to take it to a shop for evaluation. In both cases I am remote, so would need to rely on shops to evaluate.

Are there any distinct advantages related to model year of the 2005?

Thanks in advance for sharing your perspective.
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