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I have recently experienced the brake light staying on while riding and after shutting off the ignition. I appreciate the various posts regarding this problem, and the suggestion that it is the relay. I am sure that is my problem, and here is a way to confirm it.
1. Lift the seat.
2. Squeeze the front brake lever lightly and confirm the "click" from the switch.
3. Do the same for the rear brake pedal. If you don't hear the switch "click" you may have a switch problem, don't go any further with this until you can confirm the switches are working properly.
4. Squeeze the front brake lever lightly and turn on the ignition. DO NOT start the bike.
5. Quickly release the lever and re-squeeze - each time you do this you should be able to hear the relay activate - get your ear down by the rear of the gas tank. If the brake lights are staying on, you will not hear a click. Sometimes I have had to pull the fuse and wait a while to get the brake lights to work properly again.
6. If you release the brake lever too long, the ABS kicks in and the noise of the pumps will drown out the relay activation noise.
Good luck!
Bill Jones
Crystal Lake, IL
2002 Titan silver
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