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I have a Nav 5. There are map updates available and I wanted to download them to my computer & Nav 5. I connected the Nav 5 by the Garmin USB cable to the computer but a Nav 5 icon does not appear on the desktop and Garmin Express says the Nav 5 is not connected. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Nav 5, and restarting the computer but to no avail.
I tried a couple of other USB cables then returned to the Garmin cable that came with my Nav 5 - still no joy.
I then thought that maybe the cable wasn't making a good connection at the Nav 5 end (male & female fittings)
Gave the male fitting a good wipe and used a toothpick to scrape around inside the female fitting. Crude I know, but when I reconnected everything it worked - the Nav 5 icon appeared on the desktop, Garmin Express said it was connected and I was able to download the updates. It's been pretty humid around here lately or maybe it was just an accumulation of gunk or maybe it was going to work this time anyway. I don't care, it's working.

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