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Hi everybody,

I am considering replacing my Magellan with new Cobra 4500. Everything I've read about it seems to point that this is the best gps for my needs - only shortcoming is - not waterproof, but I think I'll figure some cover for it or simply remove it in rain.

Pro's: great looking touchscreen (5") with excellent visibility in direct sunshine (or so they say), fast processor, excellent looking maps, easy interface, plenty of memory, speaker built in (to me that's a plus), etc. Looks like just plug in the power and go.

Con's: price, no actual reviews yet to read, no brackets to attach to LT yet, not waterproof, and no track record yet.

Actually, I can live with or overcome all of these obstacles IF the unit actually does what is advertised to do. I just want a second opinion about it.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

p.s. I want at least 5" screen that's direct-sun readable, so for me the choice is between Cobra 4500 and Lowrance Iway 500. Nothing against Iway, I am just wondering if Cobra may be the better buy due to it's capabilities. The lowest price on Cobra 4500 on Ebay is $799.90 (Buy it Now). It should go down with time - Iway was $1000 at first, now sells on Ebay for $620.

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