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My buddies and I served during some of the busiest seasons of recorded rescues, in the history of the USCG. 1,265,651 sorties from 1975-1979. Cape May Station / Fortescue Sub Station, was ranked #1 in rescues for at least one or two of those years, if memory serves.

Have no idea anymore how many missions we personally were involved in, but I know we worked our butts off, sometimes 72 hrs straight, and had no where near the quality of personal equipment, tools, com systems, watercraft and rescue boats used today.

One mission we jumped in to save some people in an overturned boat, only to find ourselves surrounded by sharks. And you though Jesus was the only one able to walk on water!

Met/made some of the best friends I've had in this lifetime!

A lot of crap we/I don't care to remember, but overall, it was one hell of a thrill.
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