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Good Afternoon all and thanks in advance for any help given.

I have an 01 LTC and while riding yesterday I noticed some discoloration on the clutch cover. When I pulled over I could see that the reservoir cover had fluid leaking through the screw (the one one the left and closest to the rider)

I then figured I would take out said bmw tool kit and tighten the screw. No such luck the screw was loose as a goose. The screw is not stripped but what the screw goes into is.
I am thinking the clutch housing.

Any suggestions on how to fix without replacing the Clutch Lever Body.
I did take another screw from a different location and its the same result.

Not exactly sure what would cause this since I have put on 3500 miles since its 36K service last year.

Thanks for any help.

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It may have been too full and as the clutch wears the fluid level will RISE. Fix the bolt with some JB weld. Open the reservoir and remove some fluid. You will see a little "step" gage at the front - the level should be at the first step.

Now get some alcohol and clean the thread are up really well. Mix a small amount of JB Weld and coat the inside thread area with it using a tooth pick. Just a tiny amount to coat the threads. Re install the cover (you cleaned it up as well too right?). Take the "loose" screw and coat its threads with some grease and wipe it with a paper towel. Insert the screw and go as far as you can. Let this sit over night and loosen the screw to break the bond (you made it weak with the grease) then snug up the screw. The rubber diaphragm does the sealing not the tightness of the screws.

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First, get the handlebars locked in a full right turn position, and if possible, find a way to lean the bike to the right so the clutch fluid resivoir is vertical, of you are going to spill fluid all over if you open it.

This is the attitude it should be in to read the level in the sight-glass.

Also, as this happened to me, try backing the screw a few turns and take a cloth to the threads. Then tighten, wipe the cover as recommended above. You are likely to see that the paint has been removed around the screw.

My take on this was that the screw was left loose by the last work on the clutch fluid.

You may find that you have air in the clutch hydraulic line, and if it has been going on some time, perhaps some clutch wear. With the system open, it likely aspirated some oil every time the lever was pulled - hopefully you noticed it.

Once you get the screw tight, JB Weld, or just cleaning the threads. you can get the line as vertical as possible by locking the wheel full right, and pump the clutch lever a few times, engine off. You may some air through the sight-glass.

Good luck.


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Heres the update.

Thanks for the suggestions and sorry about the later response as to the outcome.

I waited till I had a new cap and boot just in case there were any surpises.
I then found out that i could get an M4-18, and M4-20 (M4-16 OEM) when I got those I noticed there was enough depth to tap and chase the threads out and deep enough to accomodate the longer screws. I only did the one that was bad.
I also believe that you can go to an M5 if needed. seems that the countersunk screw will still fit snug into the resevoir cap. I had also ordered them if needed also.

I bleed the clutch for extra measure and seems to be working fine.

As long as it holds long term I will have saved about 430.00 for a new clutch perch.

PS. the screws I was able to get on short notice were countersunk but hex head.
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