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CLC new bee questions

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My first BMW used to ride wings
I just brought home a 2003 clc 20k miles and I have a few questions.

1. Helmet Locks There dosen't seem to be a place to hang / lock a helmet to the bike. What do you do with you're helmets?

2. The low fuel light is always on. The guy I bought it from says ignor it and refill at 180 miles on the trip odomiter. Without a fuel gauge and no reserve I'm not real comfortable just using the trip meter. Any way to fix the fuel warning system?

3. The radio/ cd is not working. The back light comes on but no display on the screen. Any sugestions.

Loking forward to many rides on this fine bike.

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I get 140 miles almost exactly from fill up to low fuel light... 180 might find you on the side of the road..

You should be able to fix it...Pull the fuel tank. Take out the pump and sensor and see what's up..

The CLC is a great bike but like all BMW's the seat SUCKS !!!!

Mine would get a lot more miles on it if the seat wasn't so bad. The Russell on my RT kind of spoils me...

I'm not exactly sure if there's a relay involved or not..

You might try unplugging all the wires from the tank and see if the light goes out...

PM me if you have any specific questions... I'll start looking for my CD with the service manual on it...

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Disconnect the player.........couple of bolts, pull the plug...wait a bit and reconnect. Works every time..
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