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I lost the side cover off my Nolan N102 helmet on my ride to Big Bend last month. Last night I did a Google search for " Nolan N102 Parts" & found a few hits.1 was a post on BMWMOA forum & another was on ADV riders. Both gave the same info. Both threads had post from different people praising this company. I called them today, spoke with Amanda & told her what I needed . After less then a minute she was back on the phone to me stating she had the part & would ship it Priority Mail along with a color chart & a catalogue. All this for FREE, ZERO ,NADA, NILL, NO Money from me. Amanda said if for some reason the part does not match my helmet to use the color chart to find the closes match & she'll sent another part for FREE
If you ever need a Nolan helmet or a part off your Nolan Helmet give Amanda a call.
I will buy my next helmet from them.

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