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Regret not buying a memento of CCR 2005? Couldn’t make it, but want to strut about looking CCR 2005 stylish? Now’s your chance! Limited quantities of select merchandise are available until supplies are exhausted. To order:
  1. Pick out the stuff you’re itching to have. Send an email with your shipping address, the item name, size, and quantity to [email protected] (yes, you read it right!).
  2. Upon receipt of email, I will reserve any items you requested that are in stock, and notify you of any that are not.
  3. You will have 48 hours from the time I send you the reservation to make payment through PayPal to [email protected]. No merchandise will be shipped until paid in full. No refunds or exchanges. If you don’t cough up the dough, I release the reservation. Your reservation number reflects the date/time I replied to your request. 10011600 means I replied Oct (10) 1st (1) at 4 PM (1600 military). That means I need a payment confirmation from you by 4 PM, Oct 3rd.
  4. E-mail me a copy of your PayPal receipt. Once I receive notification of payment, I’ll ship. Be patient. I am a one person volunteer operation with a full time job and household, so it may take me a few days to get around to it.
  5. You receive,wear, and brag.
SPECIAL NOTE TO ATTENDEES: If you were an attendee this year, but were unable to attend the banquet and did not receive your official CCR 2005 Commemorative Pin, please send an email to [email protected] with your mailing address.

If you did not attend but want a pin anyway, follow the process outlined for obtaining merchandise.

ALL available Reunion Merchandise can be seen here.

NOTE: Only two XL fleece pullovers are left and just one medium polo shirt - get off the fence and act now before it's too late!

NOTE: The denim shirts are SOLD OUT!

(posted by Richard for Susan - contact her and hurry!)
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