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Well - why not sign up for the Curve Cowboy Reunion in Monterey, California? This will give you a reason to ride and ride hard! And then to meet a bunch of other BMW riders from all over the United States and who knows where else they may come from!

CCR is not just an LT gathering any more! CCR is ripe for any rider regardless of make or brand and is a gathering to enjoy what we all love to do, ride our motorcycles! Last year, one participant did an informal study and he counted bikes in the garage at the hotel in Idaho. Result? A tie between the LT and GT/GTLs. Back in '99, the 'new' LT caught on but technical questions and a need to figure out the complexities of the new BMW flagship drove the creation of online discussions and, pretty quickly, a desire of owners/riders to get together for real. The 2000 MOA in Michigan was the first real LT gathering "At the Gondola!" That fall, the Curve Cowboys were born and we've been having a reunion ever since. . .with many new participants joining in every year. But. . .the LT has now been out of production for more than five years. BMW folks are now looking for a dedicated touring event where owners/riders of the beloved BMW's can get together? CCR features: Long distance solo or two-up touring to some place with good riding, support for a charity local to the gathering, and nice digs. With a charity history over $250K and gatherings all over the country, CCR continues and for 2016, participants have a chance to check off some significant motorcycling boxes: we will be in Monterey, California. . .right on the Pacific Coast Highway. Planning your 2016 riding season? Take a look at the chatter on the CCR Forum and take a look at the Curve Cowboy Reunion website - 2016 Home . Registration is open (2016 Registration) 2015 Registration and I hope to see a bunch of you guys attend the event - I am sure there are many stories and adventures to be shared.

The excitement builds.....................

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