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My apologies for starting a new thread, but, IMO, it is likely that replies are not getting noticed by many, or maybe it's just me :confused:

Okay Gang,

The "ride out and ship back", or "ship out - fly - ship back" approach is looking more and more palatable. I got a call back from a freight broker and it looks like:

Ride out, ship back:
Best rate is a 40' "Container" on wheels dropped by a truck a day ahead of pick-up. We have our bikes loaded. They pick it up and it goes by rail to California and is delivered by truck to our destination. Insurance is included at $1 million. Should take roughly 10 days to be delivered. Cost is about $2,500 and pretty stable, regardless of fuel cost. At 4 bikes we're at $625.... 5 bikes is $500.... 6 bikes is $420, ..... 10 bikes is $250 :cool:

Truck is a higher rate, but faster. Trailer is 48' or 53' $100K insurance is included. Delivery is about 5 days. Cost is about $3,200 subject to change due to fuel costs. At 10 bikes the cost is $320 per...still pretty :cool:

Ship out, fly, ship back:
If we were to ship both directions it would have to be the truck outbound due to reliability of delivery dates. Rail would be good for the return. If truck both ways, figure $7,000 and the bikes head out the week before CCR and return the week after. Cost would be divided by however many sign on. Again if we get 10 bikes, it's $700 which doesn't seem too bad. $630 if we use Rail for the return. Regardless, it's close to the cost of a rental and Dieter gets a to roam the hills of the South. :D :D

Checked Expedia, as of today the flights are $444 round trip with 1 stop and non-stop for $569 My guess is that there will be promotions sometime in the near future and those numbers will go down a bit.

Is anybody out there pondering this approach? Let me know, otherwise I'll drop the topic.

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