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For the past several years David Adler has graciously provided the CCR registration badge holders. Thank you David!

For the upcoming CCR we would like to find a new sponsor to underwrite the ~$800 badge holder expense in exchange for the advertising on the badge holders.

The badge holders are a canvas type material with zippered pockets and have to be worn at all CCR events during the reunion. We're expecting around 450 riders this year. The text and/or graphics (provided by the sponsor) must fit into a display area of 3" wide by 2" tall and the badge holder color is flexible. The name badge itself is displayed on one side and the pockets and advertising area is on the other. These holders are widely used to carry event tickets and room keys.

If no sponsor steps forward we might need to fund the badge holders from our regular budget and that reduces the amount we can give to the kids. :(

Grow your business; help some kids. What more could you want???

If you’re interested PM me here. First one to say “I’ll do it!”, wins

Also, I know this isn't the correct forum for this post but I tried the CCR forum a couple of weeks ago and didn't get any takers. Hopefully, since this forum is more widely viewed, we'll find a victim... er, rather, sponsor.
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