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My K1200LT (03) is at the dealers (for two weeks). I had the com system added about two years ago and after some frustrating false starts and help from J&M it has worked well until recently. I broke the electrical connection on the antena, didn't realize that I had to undo the allen screw on the base. The dealership installed a new antena and at the first opportunity to use the CB on a ride with my brother on his RT, he could hear me but I couldn't hear him. I can hear, in my helmet, my Garmin 2730, the com system radio and ipod. The tech at my dealership is frustrated and told me that they don't get training on CB's. I called Sierra of Ohio and the tech their suggested that it might be my brother's CB not transmitting, but the local tech ruled that out using a CB in the shop. J&M has not responded this time to several e-mails sent by the dealership. I have read on this forum that CB antenas have to be tuned. Should I have the dealership put it back together and bring it to a CB professional? I also have an 06 R1200GS with a J&M CB which is fine. Thanks.

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That does not sound like the J & M I have dealt with. I am not sure what the electrical connection is you refer to. But would think propably the antenna cable that is one of the BMW antenna parts (which at that time was probably supplied to BMW by J & M). Or it may be an antenna ground wire. Either of which should be simple fixes.

I do understand J & M and BMW are not or have not been on the best of terms for a while since BMW changed suppiliers. But would think J & M and particularly John Lazzeroni would be of assistance on one of their own products and especially to their customers. They were of great help to me on the helmet headset I got for my '06 LT. They do get testy re BMW and the VOICE systems.

I suggest you call them and tell them the model etc on your cb, how long you have had it, the problem, and if possible avoid telling them it is on a BMW or at least tell them that after they have had a chance to respond to the problem. And if neccessary that it has nothing to do with the VOICE comm system. Here is the contact info I have used.

John Lazzeroni, J&M Corporation President [email protected]

Phone Toll Free in U.S and Canada
Outside the U.S.A. 1-520-624-7000
FAX (24 hour) 1-520-624-6202

J&M Corporation
1415 South Cherry Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85713-1997

Hope you get it straight.
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