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Cardo and Siri control

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Hi All,

This is probably an old nugget for someone else too. I have a Cardo Freecom 4+. According to Cardo way back, it is Siri compatible. Not in my experience!! It works with Hey Cardos limited command set. When I go Hey Siri, nothing happens. I am on latest firmware, anyone using Siri?. How?


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I have the same setup with Cardo Freecom 4+ and an iPhone X. "Hey Siri" works about 25% of the time, and "Hey Cardo" works about 50% of the time. Seems like when you use one or the other successfully it will take several minutes for it to respond successfully again.

When "Hey Siri" works it is really nice but it is a crap shoot with current firmware.

Good luck.
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