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I have found three things that help my Siri and Cardo commands greatly.

The first is to reboot your phone before riding. You phone is a small computer and the digital information that is stored in the RAM can get corrupted after periods of use. Just like a desktop computer, you need to frequently reboot the machine to make sure the digital information is fresh in the RAM. The first thing any computer tech will ask you to do when troubleshooting a problem is to reboot the system. I have had great success with my Siri and Cardo working better after rebooting the phone. It is not always 100% but it does help it work better by a good stretch.

The second is to enunciate your commands better. I have done some basic testing and found out I was speaking too fast when trying to give commands to Cardo and Siri. Slow down and speak clearly. I usually "Hey Cardo" then wait for about half a second and then give the command. It works almost every time now. I was talking too fast the voice recognition software wasn't able to make out what I was saying.

The third thing that has helped is reduction of ambient noise. I have a modular helmet and when the face guard is down, Cardo and Siri seem to pick up better. I even have people on the telephone tell me they hear a difference when I have my face guard down.

Those are just a few things I do and my hands free works almost every time now.
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